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My Family

Family time is special to us and we love to celebrate holidays together.

4 Generations

We are blessed to be able to have 4 generations of amazing women in our family. 

Alaska Trip

One of many trips we have taken over the past 25 years with our wonderful friends from England;  Alaska was beautiful and one of our favorite places to travel. 

Dubai Trip

Dubai and its stunning architecture left us breathless.  Absolutely incredible buildings and beautiful grounds were an amazing sight to behold. 

Bali Trip

Bali was filled with beautiful temples and gorgeous beaches;  We loved meeting the Balinese people and learning about their culture.


Another wonderful trip with our British friends led us to Port Douglas, on the east coast of Australia.  There just wasn't enough time to see everything in this vast country, but we had an awesome adventure. 


Fun at the Lake

Our most favorite pastime of all! Just a relaxing day on the lake on one of our annual trips to Lake Havasu in Arizona, having fun with several friends and family members. 

Boat Ride

Taking the boat for a spin down the Colorado River.