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My Family at Mt. Rushmore.

What a historic trip to the beautiful state of South Dakota. We loved learning our nations history.

Christmas 2018

Christmas photo with the entire family, including the feathered ones. Some people like fur, we like feathers.

Meeting Larry Elder

My wife and I meeting one of my heroes, talk show host Larry Elder at the Unite the IE Conference.

My Second Book

 5 Essential Success Strategies for You and the Millennials

Available on Amazon!

Dinner with Dr. Sabastian Gorka

Great time meeting Dr. Sabastian Gorka at the Reagan Library at his book signing. My wife and I had a lovely time at dinner with him later that day.

A close encounter at Devil's Tower

My family at Devil's Tower. Unfortunately we just missed the aliens.

The Historic Palace Saloon

My wife and I visiting one of the Earp brothers' and Doc Holiday's old hang out spots.