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London Navy Yard

My wife Kelly and I in South Hampton, London. Behind us is the premier battleship of its day. 

Warm Winter 

My Texan grand babies Landry and Barrett at the beach on a warm December 26th. 

Bradley's Graduation!

My son Bradley graduating with an MBA at SMU in Dallas, Texas.

(Top left) Bradley's wife Meagan, (bottom center) his sister Brittany, (to his right) his brother Ryan, (bottom right) his grandmother Donna.

Mimosas in London

Kelly and I enjoying mimosas at the Good Wood Revival in South Hampton, London.

Conway Castle

Kelly and I exploring Conway castle in Northern Wales. My first time visiting a part of my ancestry.

37th Wedding Anniversaries!

Our group of friends enjoying a lunch at the Historic Good Wood Revival Antique Auto Show. All three couples in our group were celebrating our 37th wedding anniversaries.